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Alumnae Careers & Mentoring

Why Mentoring?

Our alumnae continue to learn and develop long after they have left St Mary’s, and there are many ways in which former Calne Girls can support each other professionally.  The CGA is in contact with over 2,500 former Calne girls, and we have set up this section of the website to allow CGA members to share or receive careers information and offer guidance and support to other Calne alumnae and current pupils.

Alumnae can offer a wide range of support, from advising others on a one to one mentoring basis, by offering work experience or by coming to talk at the school about their education and career.

CGA members are welcome to search the directory of those alumnae who have registered with us and are happy to help out.

We are always interested in alumnae who are able to assist Calne Girls of any age with career choices. If you are interested in helping out other Calne alumnae, please register your interest by completing our careers profile form.

Please note that only CGA members can view the Directory and register via the profile forms, and will need to be logged in to their accounts to do so. If you are not yet registered with the site you will be prompted to do so - you will then be able to complete the form straight away, but will need to wait for registration to be processed (usually one working day) before viewing the Directory.



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