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1990 Leavers' Reunion

 1989 ReunionOn Saturday 27th  June, the School hosted a Silver Jubilee Reunion for the leavers of 1990 in the Helen Wright house, kindly funded by the CGA. 

15 “old girls” returned to school,  several for the first time since leaving,  and were treated to a delicious tea, a tour of the school, champagne, a three course dinner and of course,  great company from Saturday afternoon until late Sunday morning.
Here is a short write up from one of the guests …..

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1990So, having had a tour of the school, and many hours of conversation with old mates, how much would we say had changed over the course of 25 years? Well, the school has had substantial investment. No cold outside swimming or smelly huts for the girls of today and I imagine they wash both more frequently, and in more privacy, than we were able to in the Eighties. The Headmistresses office is now in Gabriel, so we couldn’t see in but I imagine it is no longer full of tuck boxes and maroon faux leather chairs. Plumer Wing, the Dining Room and the Chapel were reassuringly familiar.

And have we changed? To each other we all look the same and the old easy familiarity is still there. Have we perhaps grown in wisdom?  Well, speaking as someone with daily exposure to teenagers, I think with age we tend to shed both our insecurities and our pretensions, and in their place we gain perspective and the ability to laugh at ourselves. And we certainly did laugh at ourselves for hours. So perhaps that’s wisdom.


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